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Over the years we've received many requests for assistance with adoption related searches. I have not kept track of them unfortunately but in the interest of helping those cousins we have developed this page for queries we receive and additional search options (below).

If you have a query regarding your Adoption Related Searches please contact Donna

Connie Jean Derington I don't have a lot of info. Mother was Maxine Rayburn - Father was Bobby Crippen. He lived somewhere around the Cleveland, TX area. He died sometime between 1989 and 1990 or 1991. I was adopted at age 6. I know I have relatives in Jacinto City, Tx. My search is for a picture of my dad. I was the middle child. I have a mentally challenged sister Wilma in care in Houston. I do not know about the youngest girl (her where abouts). I have met my mother, and know it's too late to meet my dad, but I sure would like to know what he looked like, and what he was like. I was born in 1950, Wilmia was born in 1949, youngest daughter Tonie probaly 1951 or 1952. Any info would be appreicated. Thanks Connie

Suggested Sites for additional help with Adoption Related Searches

Reunions Magazine

Adoption Registry

As well researchers should try the various seach engines using search terms such as "adoption search" and more specific Adoption Search options will be available. For example there are some sites that offer services specific to a particular state in the US, others are specific to a particular country. You'll also find professional researchers that charge fees for these types of services.


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