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William Crippen/Crippin List - Non-Military Data

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 2:59 pm    Post subject: William Crippen/Crippin List - Non-Military Data Reply with quote

William Crippen - Non Military Data is to introduce and consolidate information pertaining to various William Crippens, who in general may or may not have been discussed on the Yahoo Crippen Group site. Because of the amount of data, the William Crippen lists will be broken out in Non-Military vs Military data. William Crippen info after 1899 will not be included, unless it seemed semi-pertinent. Census data not included, as Crippen Census, in the future, will be covered as a topic on the FamilyTrail parent website. There may be duplicate, but different, records for the same William Crippen. Any attempt on my part to consolidate multiple records for the same William Crippen would be speculation on my part. The intent of this entry is to record all the William Crippen records I have encountered, in the hope they may be of use to someone. As with any information pertaining to genealogy research, if it seems real, maybe it is, and maybe it's not. If it looks doubtful, question it, do more "digging", especially when the data is a family book. (nothing against family name books, but sometimes researchers appeared in too much of a hurry to fill in their missing information) This information is only provided as a guide.

Added following paragraph June 9th 2006:This topic is in need of serious update. When I began to merge my relatively Unknown Crippen database with Donna's Known Crippen database, many more William's are surfacing. The merge process is about 60% complete. When merge process is complete, I'll go back and extract all the William's and update the William Forum Topic.

William Crippen
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co. Burial Nov, 29, Christ Church,
Philadelphia. Christ Church Records 1709-1760.

William Crippin
Virginia, Accomack Co. Birth Oct. 1, 1881, Race=C. Father=Henry, Mother=Clarissa.
Accomack Co. Virginia Births, 1878-1881, Page 340.

William Crippen
Massachusetts, Grt. Barrington, Berkshire Co. Wife Emma died July 29, 1857, Age 21. Son Clarence died Sept. 30, 1857, age 2 months.
Mahaiwe Cemetery Records, Great Barrington, Mass.

William Crippin
William born Sept. 28, 1847, marriage to Catherine B. Stubbins, born May 5, 1851. (No date of marriage listed). William's Father=Henry. William's Mother=Sarah. Catherine's Father=Thomas, Catherine's Mother=Elizabeth. Children = Ora born 1880, Robert born 1882
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol IV, Plymouth-Smithfield Monthly Meeting, Page 469.

William F. Crippin
Iowa, Cedar Co. Married May 15, 1850, Sarah Hardman.
Iowa Marriages to 1850.

William Crippin
Delaware, Kent Co. Mary Holegros, Widow, Admin. Of, to Wiliam Crippen, Yeoman, Nov. 12, 1761.
Kent Co., Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800. Reg. of Wills, Liber. K, Folios 268-269.

William Crippin, Jr.
Delaware, Kent Co.
Calendar of Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800, 193.

William Crippin, Sr. Yeoman
Delaware, Kent Co. Admin. Of, to William Crippen, Jr. Feb. 3, 1761.
Kent Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800. Arch. Vol. A11, Page 229, Reg. Of Wills, Liber. K, Folio 256.

William Crippen
Wisconsin, Ellsworth (Pierce Co.) 1860-1862. 1 of 4 owners of S. Half of Sect. 18 & N half of Sect. 19 who laid out and platted the Village of Ellsworth. Wm. built a frame hotel in Ellsworth in 1860. County officers had their offices in the basement of Crippen's hotel.
Fifty Years in the Northwest by William Folsom.

William T. Crippen
Arkansas, Washington Co. Married Apr. 18, 1887, Helen V. Pendergast.
Arkansas Marriages 1851-1900.

William A. Crippen
Arkansas, Conway Co. Married Oct. 6, 1900, Ollie V. Pryor.
Arkansas Marriages 1851-1900.

Wm. E. Crippen
Indiana, Sandcreek Twnship. Death Apr. 19, 1896, Age 66.
Indiana Deaths 1882-1920.

William E. Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Birth of female, Feb. 15, 1882. Spouse & Mother of child=Mary Ann Bennett.
Bartholomew Co. Indiana index to birth records 1883-1920, Vol. I.

William Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Birth of female, Nov. 9, 1889. Spouse & Mother of child=Mary Hess.
Bartholomew Co. Indiana index to birth records 1883-1920, Vol. I.

William Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Marriage Sept. 2, 1852 to Mary Ann Bennett.
Page 179 Book C-5, Indiana Marriages 1845-1920.

William Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Marriage Oct. 14, 1850 to Margaret Bannister.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book C-5 Page 8.

William E. Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Marriage Sept. 31, 1878 to Matilda A. Saunders.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book C-9, Page 59.

William E. Crippen
Indiana, Bartholomew Co. Marriage Aug. 6, 1893 to Mary Effa Clarkson.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book C-13, Page 289.

William Crippen
Indiana, Cass Co. Marriage Aug. 7, 1895 to Emma A. Blackketter.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book 15, Page 325.

William E. Crippen
Indiana, Decatur Co. Marriage Jan. 12 1892 to Rosanna Thurston.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book N, Page 173.

William Crippen
Indiana, Miami Co. Marriage Apr. 9, 1863 to Malinda E. Williams.
Indiana Marriages 1845-1920, Book C-3, Page 165.

William E. Crippen
Missouri, Grundy Co. Marriage Aug. 12, 1869 to Mary E. Bacon.
Missouri Marriages 1851-1900.

William H. Crippen
New Jersey, Somerset Co. Marriage Mar. 26, 1873 to Margaret Vandervoort.
New Jersey Marriages 1684-1905.

William W. Crippen
Michigan, Resided Osceola (I did query on Osceola & found it in Houghtan Co.). Born in Mich., Birthdate 1843. Married in Milford, MI. on Apr. 10, 1878 to Mary Jane Stevens.
Oakland Co. Mich. Vital Records 1800-1917.

William W. Crippen
Michigan, Oakland Co., Milford. (William W.'s biographical info is condensed for this entry). A dealer in agricultural implements. Mr. Crippen is one of the oldest settlers, having been born in Highland Twnshp. in 1842, Sept. 3rd. When he was 4 years old, his Mother removed from the farm to the Village of Milford, where he had the advantages of common school. (The next paragraph doesn't specifically state that Samuel was William W.'s Father in the Bio., however it appears that was the implication.) Below is word for word transcription of Samuel.

Samuel Crippen, a native of Vermont, grew to manhood amid the Green Mountains and became one of the first settlers in Highland Twnshp. Here he was engaged in farming until his death, which occurred not long after his removal. He married Margaret Porter, who was born in Ireland, near Londonderry, and whose Father, John Porter, settled in this country immediately after his immigration, and farmed in Bloomfield Twnshp. the rest of his life. Mrs. Crippen was left a widow with three children, and kept her family together rearing them carefully and giving them a practical education. She died in 1883, when more that fourscore and ten years old; she was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Her children are Mrs. Mary J. Bowman of Colon, Mrs. Fanny A. Dickinson of Hillsdale and William W. (end Samuel transcription).

William entered the Union Army at age 19. On his return home he engaged in the harness business. In 1872 he was engaged in farming and the went to Kalkaskia Co. in the Grand Travers country, taking up a homestead of 160 acres. Also had a grocery business in Kalkaskia. In 1882 he rented the farm and returned to Milford. The wife of Mr. Crippen bore the maiden name of Mary J. Stephens and is a native of Milford. Her Father, Willis Stephens was born in Ireland. Her marriage was solemnized in 1875 (contradicts marriage record immediately above). She and her husband have an adopted daughter, Fanny E.

Portrait and Biographical Alblum of Oakland County, Michigan, Page 443-444.

Wm. C. Crippen
Wisconsin, Walworth Co. Died Oct. 18, 1897.
Wisconsin Deaths 1820-1907, Vol. 02, Reel 131.

William H. Crippen
South Dakota, Minnehaha Co., Town of Humboldt. American Legion, Wm. H. Crippen Post No. 62.
A Comprehensive History of Minnehaha Co., South Dakota, Page 321.

W. Crippen
South Dakota, Minnehaha Co., Town of Humboldt. One of the eary officers of Benton Twnshp Board, circa 1881.
A Comprehensive History of Minnehaha Co., South Dakota, Page 321.

William Crippen
Iowa, Cherokee Co. Listed as son, under the biography of Thomas T. Crippen & wife Persus. (Thomas T's Father listed as Rufus).
Cherokee Co., Iowa Biographical History, Page 608.

William F. Crippen
Massachusetts, Egremont, Berkshire Co. Bible entry for Marshall A. Clark indicates Marshall married Maude Crippen, Dec. 18, 1863, Dau. of William F. & Julia (Hollenbeck) Crippen.
Deacon George Clarke(e) of Milford, Connecticut and Some of His Descendents, Page 193.

William Crippen
Ohio, Cincinnati. In 1804, listed as 1 of many individuals called immigrants to the Cincinnati area.
History of Cincinnati Ohio, Page 57-58.

William Crippen
Illinois - Sect. SWSW Dec. 22, 1853. Sect. 26 Twnsp 21N Range 09E. Acres 400, Price 350, Total 14000, ID 142328.
Illinois Public Land Purchase, Vol. 812, Page 052.

William W. Crippen
Michigan - Traverse City Land Office. 160 Acres, Issue Date July 01, 1872. Land description 1 NE Michigan-Toledo Strip. No 25 N 12 W 28.
Michigan Land Records.

William W. Crippen
Michigan - Traverse City Land Office 163.63 Acres. Issue Date Nov. 15, 1875. 1 W 12 NW, Michigan-Toledo Strip 27 N6 W 18. 2nd entry W 1/2SW Michigan-Toledo Strip 27 N 6 W 18.
Michigan Land Records.

William Crippen
Ohio. Land office Marietta Sept. 2 1839, 40 acres. SWNW Ohio River Survey, 6N 12W 8.
Ohio Land Records.

William Crippen
Ohio. Land office Marietta Jun. 1 1850, 40 acres. SWNW Ohio River Survey 6N 12W 8.
Ohio Land Records.

William Crippen
Wisconsin. Land Office Milwaukee, 80 acres, March 01, 1848 W 1/2SE 4th PM-1831 Minnesota/Wisconsin 1 N 14 E 25.
Wisconsin Land Records.

Following updated Feb 20, 2005

William Crippen
Accomack Co., Virginia. Listed as Grandson in the will of Tabitha Warrington; bequeathed One Hundred pounds in current money of Virginia.
Will of Tabitha Warrington, 23 Mar 1768. Accomack County Wills 1767-1772 p. 573.

William Crippen
Wisconsin. One of the early settlers of Avon (Rock Co.) Wisconsin, town settlement circa 1844.
Atlas Map of Rock Co, 1873
(Not to be confused with William C. & William A. Crippen of Clinton, Rock Co., Wis. William of Avon born Massachusetts, circa 1805-1807, William C. of Clinton born New York, circa 1813-1815).

William Crippen
Wisconsin. Town meeting held at William Crippen house, 1st Tuesday of April 1848 after the Territorial Legislature approved Avon village to be set apart from Newark Township. Act approved Feb. 11 1847
Luther Valley Centennial 1839-1939.

William Crippen
Wisconsin. The following excerpt written by the daughter of William Crippen, recalling the family's move West. At this time the family was moving from Rockford (Boone) Co. Illinois to Rock Co. Wisconsin. "The following winter (1843) the country had an epidemic of typhoid fever, caused by the plowing up and decay of vegetation. Not many families escaped. We had one death & several very sick ones, which with Dr's bills and loss of property through dishonest dealings, Father was not able to meet the Spring payment. Having fallen into the hands of a shylock, who demanded the last ounce, & took it too...even to those noble horses that we all loved as members of the family & were parted with sobs & tears. After settling that deal Father went to Southern Wisconsin, found the wild land was being taken by people looking for homes, like himself. He settled on a timber claim near Sugar River in Rock Co. (the area which became Avon, WI.)
(Added this excerpt since it relates to the 2 previous William Crippen entries.)
Covered Wagon Trip From New York to Wisconsin by Antionette Crippen Bailey. Original in my possession, incomplete transcription copy in Wisconsin Historical Society archives.

William A. Crippen
Wisconsin. William Amos Crippen, obit. of wife Mrs. Roble Elize Crippen died at the home of her son Ford. She was born Oct. 13, 1850 in Schoharie Co., NY; married William Amos Crippen on Jan. 1 1880 at Clinton. William Amos died in 1913.
Complete Obit. at Rootsweb message board, State=Wisconsin, County=Rock.

William Crippen
Kentucky, Anderson Co. Marriage Sept. 22, 1842 to Margaret Bright
Marriage Index: Ky, NC, TN, VA, WV 1728-1850

William Crippin
Ohio. Age 11, born in Ohio, died of Cholera, August 1850 at Pickaway, Ohio.
Mortality Index: 1850

Additions will be added as I encounter new data.
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