Family Record of Jabez and Abigail Grippen

This is a true rechord of Jabez and Abigail Grippens and their childrens ages —

Jabez Grippen Born May 17th 1741. and Died Sunday the 4th day of august 1805 Being in his 64th year of his age
Abigal his wife was Born August 14th 1748 and died Saturday the 4th day of February 1809 Being in 61st year of age.
Jabez their first child Born February the 4th 1768
Diana 2nd Born March 26th 1769
Elijah 3rd Born March 18th 1770
Lydia 4th Born August 14th 1771
William 5th Born May 21st 1773
Hannah 6th Born Dec xxx 5th — 1774
Esreck 7th Born August 14th 1776
Jesse 8 Born March 23rd 1778
Sabrina 9th Born Dec xx 9th 1779
Susannah 10th Born October 19th 1781
Phillip 11th Born May 7th 1783
Ira 12th Born August 31st 1785
Sally 13th Born March 13th 1787
Sharlotte 14 Born November 30th 1788
Isaac 15th Born May 24th 1791

Esreck Grippen was born 14th day of August 1776
Silance Grippen do. 22nd day of May 1775
Lemon Grippen was born 1st day of Sept 1801 Tuesday
Sabrina Grippen was born 7th of Nov 1808 Monday
Almira Grippen was born 6th of August 1811 Tuesday
Horace Grippen was born 21st March 1813 Monday


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