Federal Census Records for 1850

These records were extracted by hand from microfilm at the National Archives in Washington DC (and satellite offices) by Donna Logan and Sallie Hirte.Given that even us humans make mistakes, we would appreciate any corrections you'd like to make to these records. In addition, if you have collected other years than 1850 we'd love to have them to add to these. Occasionally you'll notice a misspelling (an obvious one) but I have left the entries as the original document had them and often made notes about the entry (which are in the far right column )

Ohio (1)
Ohio (2)
None found in indexes for: IN, ND, SD, NH, AL, DE, DC, OK, SC, RI, FL, GA, KS, NE, CO, WY, MT, ID, AZ, NV, MN, OR, WA

The records include: State, County, City or Township, Page, Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname, First Name, Age, Sex, Birthplace, Occupation and any notes we took that were of interest. It should be easy to tell who is living in what household as the Dwelling Number and Family Numbers will be the same. Only the Head of House (if named Crippen) is listed with a last name. If last name field is blank assume the same as the Head of House.


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