I have read, off and on, about DNA studies for genealogy purposes but didn't realize a company had set up to gear specifically to genealogy nuts like us. The FamilyTreeDNA.COM site does just that.

Click here to view the current study results.

Christine Rose, over many years, has done a study of the various ROSE surname families. She started this DNA project over a year ago and has almost 150 participants.

The test results from this ROSE STUDY were to put it mildly amazing! You can read about it here (where they put a synopsis of the study results).


I think this offers the CRIPPEN researchers a very unique opportunity. Unlike the ROSE families, most of us are related I believe to Thomas and Frances Crippen. But I would also like to take this a step further and try to establish the links internationally. So I have set up a study for ANY CRIPPEN to join.

In order to participate in the Y-Chromosome DNA test (with 12 markers) the participant should be a male with the surname CRIPPEN, CRIPPIN, GRIPPEN or GRIPPIN. In simple terms, these genetic markers are passed from male to male in successive generations. So if you are a female (as I am) you will need to find a close MALE relative with your same ancestry that still carries the CRIPPEN name.

A discussion of the various tests they offer:

And for general information about DNA:

My personal goal (and why I am willing to put some work into this) is that I believe this will help many researchers to #1 more easily find their own CRIPPEN ancestral line, #2 I hope we will be able to involve other Crippen families on an international basis.

My dream is that a year from now we'll have a study similar to the ROSE one and everyone will benefit!

Participation decisions are completely up to the participant. You can join and choose not to disclose the results of your test to anyone besides yourself. Or you can choose to just disclose the DNA data with no identifying information about yourself. Privacy is very important to me and to this company! So quite simply your participation level is your choice. But we hope you'll participate one way or the other.

If you think you might be interested in participating please contact Donna and I will give you the information on our group discounted prices and where to go for more information. The cost of the basic 12 marker test with our group discount is $99.



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