Here you'll find family histories of various Crippen families.

One of the first is Thomas and Frances Crippen, the earliest known progenitor of today's Crippen families. This links to a file that is easy to scan and find a line. They do not have a lot of details except birth, marriage and death. We are in the process of adding more biographical portraits of the early descendants.
Clara Crippen Darby A life well lived!
Rev. Ethan C. Crippen 1819-1861, Canada, Iowa
David Crippen "Genealogy of David Crippen" (b 1785) of Massachusetts and New York
John Crippen

of New York, Pennsylvania and Kansas, Civil War Pensioner

Silas Crippen Abstract of Revolutionary War Pension Application
John A. Crippen of New York & Iowa, Civil War Pensioner
Samuel Crippen of New York (1777 - 1824)


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