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200 Kenneth A. Jewell William Crippen (Content Standish), Calvin Crippen, (Jane Proctor), Julius Newton Crippen (Adaline Adelia Hall), Alice Maude Crippen (William Arthur Smith), Elizabeth Jeanne Smith (Kenneth C. Jewell), Kenneth A. Jewell
201 Dan Ames Thomas, Jabez, Samuel, Darius, Mary (Polly) BURGESS, Aaron BURGESS, Lewis BURGESS, Philo E. BURGESS, Philo D. BURGESS, Philo E BURGESS, Sharon BURGESS, Dan AMES
202 Frank Crippen IV Frank & Jo Crippen, Frank Jr & Wilma Crippen, Frank III & Kay Crippen, Frank IV & Tammy Crippen
203 Jim and Ellie Griffis My 4th Great Grandfather Daniel Griffis married Tabitha Crippen around 1792. Her Dad and Mom was Ezra and Tabitha Rowley Crippen who were cousins. They are from the Thomas Crippen, John line. 2 other Griffis's married Crippen. Nathan and Roswell. I am hunting for anyone that may know info about who was Daniel Griffis father.
204 John R. Crippen Crippen line: Thomas (Frances Bray), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), John (Mary Richmond), Silas (Elizabeth Waterman), Samuel (Lucretia ___?), Frederick (Polly Green, Sarah Quackenbush), Charles (by Polly) (Sarah Perham), Perry (Caroline Watkins), John W. (Nelly Parker, Lillian Robbins), John R. (by Lillian) (Eleanor Bell)
205 Darlene Clinger Jabez Crippen & Abigail Gilbert, Susannah Grippen & Joseph Abbey, Almira Charlotte Abbey & William Hamilton,Lois Hamilton & Cyrus Hussey, Wilfred Hussey & Elizabeth Davis, Lenora Hussey & Harold Cook, Mary Cook & Clarence Tiell, Darlene Tiell & Daniel Clinger
206 Glenn L. Davis Jr Mary Crippen Warner (1859 - 1941) Zimri Warner
208 Kellena "Kelli" Crippen John A. (Iowa's Greybeard regiment, Civil War), George, John G., Robert
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209 Sarah Fisher Thomas, Jabez, John, John, William, Stephen, Rufus, Stephen, Anna, Doris, Susan, Sarah (see family reunion info here)
210 Susan Marie Crippen Thomas, Jabez, John, John, William, Isaac, George B., George B., George Thomas, Lawrence George, Susan Marie
211 Mike Reddig Edward W. Crippen, b. OH abt. 1836 [also resided IL] (Martha Jane Newton), Lydia Ann Crippen (Frederick Eugene Van Horne). Helen May Van Horne (Otto Reddig), Roger Reddig. Mike Reddig
212 Mark W. Crippen Thomas, Jabez, John, John, John, Adolphus, Adolphus L., William Jesse (Louise B.), George F.(Phyllis Jackson), Mark William
213 Judith Miller Thomas Crippen, Jabez Crippen, William Grippen, Alonzo Grippen, William Alonzo Grippin, Thomas Burritt Grippin, Bessie Grippin Miller, Eugene Grippen Miller, Judith Miller
214 Shirley Seeburger Ansel Crippen (Marilla Paddock), Millard Fillmore Crippen (Mary Wilson), Ida May Crippen (Edward Lyman Kline), Marian Crippen Kline ( William Sheldon), Shirley Sheldon ( Richard Seeburger)
215 Sharon Burton-Hardin

Diadema Crippen, daughter of Darius Crippen, married Abraham Spencer about 1812

216 Patricia R. (Crissey) Prouty-Young Cora Ellen Crippen (Richard Evens Huntley) who served in the Civil War as a Mounted Ranger in MN. Richard was born 1844 & died 1905 in LeRoy, Mower Co, MN
217 Sharon Burton TWO LINES: Thomas (Frances Bray), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), John (Mary Richmond), Roswell (Sarah Griffis), David (Elizabeth Worden), John (Harriett Rose), Lucy O. (Robert Clarence Bohn), Celia "Gracie" Bohn (Ray Arthur Press), Clarence Press , Sharon Press Burton -- AND -- Thomas (Frances Bray), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), John (Mary Richmond), Roswell (Sarah Griffis), Rhoda (John Rose), Lawrence Rose (Lucy Moody), Harriett Rose (John Crippen), see above.
218 Lillian Reed Thomas (Frances) Jabez (Thankful) Jabez (Lydia) Jabez( Abigail) Phillip Grippin (Laura Mann) Jabez Gilbert Grippin (Margaret Benjamin) James Gilbert (Sarah Jane Rogers) Emory Scott ( Lela Ione Drake) Thelme May (John Reece) Lillian Reece Reed (Curtis Reed)
219 Stacey Crippen Clement Hall (Ethel Sharp), Don Arnold (Rebecca Carney), Stacey Michelle
220 Bruce L. Lloyd Thomas Crippen, Catherine Crippen (wife of Shubael Rowley), Jabez Rowley (Tabitha Harris), Eunice Rowley (John Lloyd), Anthony Lloyd (Betsey Slawson), Jesse L. Lloyd (Lucinda White), Anthony H. Lloyd (Harriet Coolbaugh), William H. Lloyd (Roberta Walker), Kenneth W. Lloyd (Emily Driggs), Bruce L. Lloyd (Susanne I. Simpson)
221 Donald Winkel Jabez, Samuel, Noah, Stephen, Charles, Mary, Lavina O'Rork, Marietta McCartney, Ethel Barnum, Donald Winkel
222 Jo Cox Thomas Jefferson (Isabelle Stewart), Louisa Katheryn (Robert Roberts), Gilbert Roberts, Jo Ann Roberts Cox
223 Renata Holmen John Dee and Mildred Crippen, Doris Crippen (maiden name) Renata Holmen, John-Randall and Brittany, children of Renata Holmen
224 Barbara Wyatt Joel Crippen (Elizabeth Loomis), William Crippen (Ermina Tullar), Lucy Antionette Crippen Bailey, Myrtle Bailey Meacham
225 Sheila A. Zimmerman Henry Newton Crippen (Clara Mabel Frost and Nelle Kennedy), Lowell N. Crippen (Averil Hennessey), Don Crippen, Jack Crippen (LaVonne Hobbs), Patricia Crippen (Frank M Kennedy), Sheila A Kennedy (Kent P. Zimmerman)
226 Audrey Crippen Morgan Joseph R. Crippen (Hazel Adams) Born in Michigan in 1898? Lived in Burlington, Iowa, approx. 1932-41; Divorced Hazel in approx. 1940-41
227 Danny Crippen Newton Crippen, Roy Crippen, Ervin Crippen, Ronald Crippen, Raymond Crippen, David Crippen, Douglas Crippen, Gene Crippen, Brian Crippen family resided: NE, AR, SD, IA
228 Chad Crippen Ervin Crippen (Bernice Snyder) NE, Danny Crippen (Doris Huffman) NE, Chad Crippen (Tina Tayman) NE, MN.
229 Steven Crippen Rev. Henry Crippen, Edward Crippen, Carl Crippen, Steven Crippen of IL and UT
230 Merlyn Moreno Thomas, Jabez, John, John, John, William Franklin, John Franklin, Frank Everett, Bernice Lillian (Gerorge W. Smith), Merlyn Smith Moreno
231 Dawn Bollhoefer Persis Crippen Bassett; John Harlow Bassett; Laura Persis Vansice Bassett; Kathryn Louise Vansice; Dawn Faye Ott Bollhoefer
232 William E. Babcock John Fuller (Mehitable Rowley),Thankful Fuller (Jabez Crippen), Samuel Crippen (Keziah Alger) Ebenezer Crippen (Rebecca Smith), Henry Stuart Crippen (Sarah Snowden), Margaret Ann Elizabeth Crippen) Arthur Crandel Babcock) William Babcock (Gladys Jones) 2 (Phyllis Fowler)
233 Mark Hutchinson Alfred Foster Crippen (Sarah Jane Garbie), Florence Muriel Crippen (Charles Albert Stanley Hughes), Sarah Jane Hughes (Bruce Hutchinson), Mark Hutchinson
234 GD Wilson Spencer, John W. b. 1783 Md, marr Amelia Bright, b. 1782 both in Md, then came to OH (Note: I have all of Families from John W, and Amelia but still looking for their Parents, IGI states they were marr in Va 1806, ?) These our My 3rd Ggranddparents, will gladly share, and have alot of other Branches from Spencer's, to date.
235 Judy Bailey Elbert (Della Crippen) Hill, Adrian (Goldie Lane) Hill, Grace Hill (m.Claude Tripp), Mary Tripp (m. Leland Utter), Judy Utter Bailey
236 Marian Buechert Alfred Foster Crippen (Sarah Jane Garbie), Florence (Charles Hughes), Sarah Jane Hughes (Bruce Hutchinson), Mark Hutchinson (Marian Buechert) Researching Crippens in British Columbia
237 Bruce L. Lloyd Catherine Crippen (Shubael Rowley), Jabez Rowley (Tabitha Harris), Eunice Rowley (John Lloyd), Anthony Lloyd (Betsey Slawon), Jesse Lloyd (Lucinda Wright), Anthony Lloyd (Harriet Coolbaugh), William Lloyd (Roberta Walker), Kenneth Lloyd (Emily Diggs), Bruce Lloyd (Susanne Simpson)
238 Clark Keith Crippen Rev. Walter William Crippen 1858-1912 (Leeds, Sioux City, Iowa) (Mary E.), Walter Erwin Crippen 1881-1942 (Ethel Hattie Shoecraft 1884-1933), Melvin Clifton Crippen 1914-1978 (Viola Elizabeth Clark 1915), Clark Keith Crippen 1953 (Rinda Glea Hansen)
239 Tina (Trisler) Gilbert Jessie C Crippen b: abt 1826 in Ohio (Sarah Ann), Jessie Ives Crippen b: August 26, 1859 in Vermillion Cty, IL (Susan E Wyrick b: April 26, 1863 in Rhea Cty, TN),
Dillie Crippen b: May 29, 1893, Seligman, Barry Cty, MO (George W Trisler b: December 18, 1873, Spencer Cty, IN), Tina (Trisler) Gilbert
240 Dianne Armstrong Rev. Walter William Crippen (Mary E.?), Walter, Henry, Elmer, John, Viola, Mabel, Effie (Note: Rev. Crippen was Methodist minister at Leeds, Sious City, Iowa)
241 Sherry Packer Thomas (Frances), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Samuel (Keziah Alger), Samuel (Esther), Amos (Lucy Hitchcock), Sarah (Amasa Greeno), Charles L. Greeno (Lucy Weidman), Esther Greeno (Gibson D. Packer), Loren D. Packer (Jacowyn Lee Haney) Sherry Lee Packer
242 Denise Crippen Smith Thomas, Jabez, John, John, William, Isaac, George C.,
George Thomas, Vincent Edward, Dennis James, Denise (Crippen) Smith
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243 Candace Sutton Thomas, Jabez, John, Thomas,T homas (Johana Eaton), Marilla (John Shippey)
244 Annie Hodges great grandmother was Janet (Jennie) Crippen and her fathers name was Charles Robert Crippen and her mother was Anna Rebeca Mize
245 Katharyn Crippen Shapiro Thomas (Frances Bray), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Samuel (Keziah Algur), Noah (?), Samuel (Rachel), Martin (Maria), Randolph (?), Frederick (Anabel Cornell), Ralph Herbert (Mary Dougherty), Randoph Kent (Sylvia Burnett)
246 Terry L. Hutchison Accomack Co., VA group of Crippens who migrated to East TN and perhaps beyond. This is a minor group who appear NOT to have been related to the New England group in North America
247 Lynne W. McDonough Thomas, Jabez, John, Sarah (Samuel Comstock), Lovisa Comstock (Isaac Snyder), Jane Snyder (Franklin Dewey Richards), Josephine Richards (Joseph Alva West), Franklin L. West (Violet Madson), Marian West (Willard B. Wilkinson)
248 Andrea B. Crippen Donald Crippen & Dorothy Crippen, Mildred Crippen, Donna Boland (Crippen), Bobby Crippen, David W. Crippen & Linda Crippen, Eve M. Crippen, Andrea B. Crippen, Seth Crippen, Alexa Crippen, Devon Crippen.
249 Cara Grippin Leo and Ava Grippin (died last year at 102!). This side of the Grippin family comes from Arizona. Some are [probably] from Pennsylvania. Today family members live in Texas
250 Leo E. Barnes JR Ethan Crippen (Margaret Shepard), William Simpson Crippen (Rausaman Starr), John Benard Crippen (Veronica Maud Grey),Hope Opal Crippen (Leo E. Barnes Sr.)
251 Jonathan Loomis Gray Thomas, Jabez, Jabez, Jabez, William, Alanzo, Thomas B (Carrie Loomis Howe). Ethyl (Fred R. Gray), Donald Gray, Jonathan Gray
252 Glen L Grippin Thomas (Frances), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Jabez (Lydia Chamberlain), Jabez (Abigail Gilbert), Phillip Grippen (Laura Mann), Jabez Gilbert Grippin (Margaret Benjamin), James Gilbert Grippin (Sarah Rogers), Ernest Lesley Grippin (Louie Bucklew), Leslie Warren Grippin (Annie Williams),Glen L Grippin (Sherry Tawney)
253 Larry Kelly Thomas (Ida) Crippen, Ethel Mary Earl, Nellie Wanetta Earl, Larry P. Kelly
254 Glenda McCoy Thomas, Jabez, Joseph (Tabitha Rowley), Alpheus (Phoebe Wilcox), Samuel (Esther Blodgett), Walter Asa, (Ada Belle Lusher), William McKinley
255 Wendy Nolan Jabez (Thankful Fuller), John (Mary Richmond), John, John, Icabod (Mary Whiting), Daniel (Charlotte Gale), Roger (Ann Eliza Crane), Minnie L (William Dunbar), Ervin A. (Jennie M. Rogers), Elaine M. (John Krajci), Susan H. (Thomas Rosenberger), Wendy
256 Karen Avey John J., Nicholas A., Gertrude (Jack Brazeal), Jack Brazeal Jr. (Margaret Borders), Jacqueline Brazeal (Jimmie Huddleston), Karen Avey(Jeff Avey).
257 Wendy Leyland Silas Crippen (Eliza Mastin) 5 children, Ellen, James, Julia Alice, Marcia E., Florence A. Julia Alice (Clarence Eugene Hall); James Clarence Hall (Eva Ellen Rosina Yeo) Dorothy Alice Hall (James Leslie Leyland) Wendy Leyland
258 Joseph E. Grippin Innie Guy Grippin (Kansas), William E. Grippin (Kansas/Arizona), Guy Leo Grippin (Kansas/Arizona), Ronald Dale Grippin (Arizona), Joseph E. Grippin (Arizona/Texas)
259 Julian Duffus I am very keen to find anyone who is related to or remembers one OTTO H. CRIPPEN, ssn 551 09 8372, Born 19 Aug 1889, died January 1973, while resident in the 90057 zip code area of Los Angles CA
260 Karen Lowery Thomas, Jabez, Jabez, Jabez, Philip, Jabez, James, Ernest Leslie, Ray, Marlin Grippen
261 Don Rickwalt Lydia, Thomas Hill, Thomas, John, Jabez My Lydia (1807-1873) and married Gideon Pease on 12 SEP 1834
262 Janet Stoneman Jabez, John, John, William, Stephen Gilbert, Rufus, Theo. Thomas, Harriet Faye, Theo. Thomas left Cherokee, Iowa around the turn of the century for California.
263 Hilary (Crippin) Atwood Harry (Elizabeth), Harry (Hilda), Hilary
264 Mary J. Freeland Thomas, Jabez, John, Roswell, David, Asa, George, Asa M., George M., Kathryn (Crippen) Loerke
265 Cheryl C. Huff Thomas, Thomas, Hannah (James Spencer)
266 Clare Mead Rosen Phebe Crippen (d. of Crippen/Chamberlain) and Timothy Mead, Jr. (s. of Mead/Palmer) are my sixth -great grandparents and are my earliest connection to the Crippens
267 Kim Ginter Albert Henry (Martha Jones), Herbert Osmond (Miriam Finley), Albert Henry (Sarah (Dorothy) Bernard), Dorothy Jean Crippen (Alfred Marlow Henne)
268 Dorothy Crippen Henne Albert Henry Crippen, wife Martha Jones, my great grandfather & great grandmother Herbert Osmond Crippen, wife Miriam Finley, my grandfather and grandmother Albert H. Crippen, wife Dorothy Esther Bernard my father and mother Albert H. Crippen, wife Betty Bowman, my brother and son of above Dorothy Jean Crippen Henne, husband Alfred Marlow Henne Me and daughter of Albert H. and Dorothy Esther Kimberly Henne Ginter, husband Timothy Ginter, my daughter Randal Marlow Henne, wife Julie Penzotti, my son Lindsey Ginter, my granddaughter
269 Iris Taylor Eliza Ann[e] Crippen is my great grandmother, born in 1843 in Essex, England. Married David Larbey from London.
270 Richard L Clippard Thomas [Frances], Jabez [Thankful], John, Sr [Mary], John,Jr, William [Content], Calvin [Jane], Julius [Adelaine], Fred [Eva Grace] Marian [Fred]
271 Elizabeth Crippen Hawthrone James Crippen (grandfather) James Hawthrone Crippen (father) James Hawthrone Crippen Jr. (brother) Kenneisha Crippen (daughter) Kinn Crippen (son) Kinnita Crippen (daughter). My father's family (Crippen ) are from Virginia now living in Philadelphia and New York. We are the colored Crippens (slaves).
272 Donald M. Gjevre Artemus Leroy Grippen, Leslie (Lillie) Grippen, Grace Olive Grippen
273 Lois Lillian Grippin James Gilbert Grippin (Sarah Rogers), Ernest Lesley Grippin (Louie P. Bucklew), Leslie Warren Grippin (Annie E. Williams), Ralph Leslie Grippin, Wayne Paul Grippin, Lois Lillian Grippin, Glen Lynn Grippin, and Ella Jean Grippin
274 Lois Ann Grippin (Green)  
275 Geoff Schultz Aurelia Grippen (Hiram Thorne), Mariette Thorne (Nathan Browne), Ernest Brown (Mary Daily), Lester Brown (Angnes Samuelson), Betty Brown (Frank Schultz), Geoff Schultz (Terese)
276 Curtis Crippen Charles Burnam Crippen (Edna Allmond)- Elston (Mary Brock) - Gary (Marcia Crossman) - Curt (Barbara Irrera)
277 Candace Crippen Josaphine Crippen. married to Basil Francis Crippen
278 Karen Lee Crippen William Edward Crippen, Arthur Emmett Crippen, Arthur Lee Crippen, Sr., Arthur Lee Crippen, Jr., Karen Lee Crippen
279 Lloyd Palwick-Goebel

My father had an aunt Elizabeth Sommer Goebel (d. 1941) who married a clergyman named Crippen. They had 3 children: Seth,Clark and Enid. For a time the family lived in Florida. It looks like Clark and Seth both lived to about 90 and died in Virginia not far from their mothers birth place; Washington,D.C. I would like to contact any offspring of the Crippens. I need all of the second cousins I can find.

My great aunt Elizabeth Goebel married Rev. Jonas Crippen and, I believe, had 4 children; Seth, Enid, Paul and Clark. I'd like to find my Crippen second cousins.

280 Diane Crippen Leimenstoll Fred and Bonnie Crippen (Grandparents), Jack and Doris Town Crippen (Parents) Diane Crippen Leimenstoll (Bruce)
281 Linda Louise Crippen Robert Crippen - grandfather, Helen Cain Crippen, Robert Jack Crippen - father
282 Kevin Crippen Bert Crippen, Floyd Crippen, Maynard Crippen, Kevin Crippen, Beau Crippen
283 Lillian Reed Thomas, Jabez, Jabez, Jabez, Phillip Grippin, Jabez Gilbert, James Gilbert, Emory Scott, Thelma May, Lillian Reece Reed
284 Robert Laurel Crippen William Woodward b. 1812 NY, m. 1841 Knox Co, OH, Desdemona Sweet (resided 1850 Athens Twp. Crawford Co. PA, resided 1860 Cornplanter Twp., Venango Co, PA), John Francis Crippen (b 1847 MI, d KS), Bert Laurel Crippen, Herbert Wesley Crippen, Robert Laurel Crippen
285 Terrence MacGregor Crippen Richard Allen Crippen, Theodore Allen Crippen, Timothy Edward Crippen, Elizabeth Mary Crippen, Terrence Mac Gergor Crippen
286 Chris Van Epps Amanda Jones Crippen (VanEpps), Rebecca Crippen VanEpps,
Searching for offspring of Rebecca Crippen, b.1854, d.1936 married William VanEpps
287 Pat Betton Thomas Crippen (Frances Bray), Jabez Crippen (Thankful Fuller), Joseph Crippen (Tabitha Rawley), Hosea Crippen (Comfort Hatch), James Crippen (Polly Beebe), Lafayette Crippen (Maria Louisa Beebe), Lorenzo Dow Crippen (Almeda Wyers), Zean Lafayette Crippen (Inez Gertrude Hayes), Zeanas A Crippen (Mary Elizabeth Hayes), Roger Lee Crippen (Tammy Denice Betton), Ashley Crippen
288 Jessica Rene Crippen no line submitted
289 Kent Robert Crippen Charles (Sarah Chalcroft), Flint, Jackson Co, MI), Walter James (Cecile) grandparents; Robert Bernard (Emily Marjorie), Kent Robert
290 Patsy Cope Thomas, Jabez (Thankful Fuller), John, John ?, Levi, Orrin, William (Annie Roberts)
292 Judith A. Schiel Thomas (France), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Thomas (Deborah), Deborah (Joseph Calkins), Levi Calkins (Mary Fuller), A. Elisha Calkins (Polly Grover Fuller), Clark Lyman Calkins (Angelia Sampson), Dorr Elen Calkins (Clara Lavina Lyons), Rminnia Elvira Calkins (Louis Plowman), Dorothy Plowman (James Edward Jones), Judith Ann Jones (Donald George Schiel)
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293 Deana Carlson

Thomas Crippen (m. Frances Bray), Catherine (m. Shubael Rowley), Elnathan Rowley (m. Abigail Cone), Thankful Rowley (m. Samuel Hills), Adino Hills (m. Chloe Lord), Elizabeth Hills (m. Hiram Humphrey), James Humphrey (m. Electa Whitford), George Humphrey (m. Stella Wallace), Clyde Humphrey (m.Bertha Pettengill)
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294 Dean Fields Martin, Clara A. (John Wesley Bullock), Robert B. Bullock (Lou E. Chapman), Ida L. Bullock (Fred Fields), Dean Fields
295 Elaine Tilley John Jefferson (Lusinda) Crippen [was sheriff of Monroe Co TN from 1864 to 1870], Mary Elizabeth Crippen (Thomas Edgar White), Ersa Mae White (Hugh Henry Markwood), Martha Ann Markwood (W. Gordon Tilley), Ersa Elaine Tilley
296 Lori Crippen Thomas, Jabez, Samuel, Noah, Stephen Crippen Sr., Charles Burnham Crippen, Charles Henry Crippen, Elbert Crippen Sr., Elbert Crippen Jr., --- Bobbie Dale Crippen married to Janice Ann (Williams), Michael Dale Crippen, Lori Ann Crippen, Jacob Tyler Crippen
297 Alice Mulligan Darius, William, Charles, Leroy, Ronald, Priscilla, Alice
299 Bobbyjean Crippen Victor Crippen, Vaughan Crippen, Bobbyjean Crippen

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