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300 Darrel Crippin Otis & Mary Crippin, Donald & Joesphine Crippin, Stanley & Cheryl Crippin, Darrel & Cristy Crippin
301 Geraldine Aldridge Thomas (Frances Bray), Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Joseph (Tabitha Rowley), Lucinda(Abraham Newman), Asa E. Newman (Aby Hull), George Smith Newman (Mary Ann Bailey), William Oliver Newman (Clara Jane Stimson), Mariette Newman (Herman Stewart), Geraldine Stewart (Thomas Aldridge)
302 Jayme Jean Crippen Francis Albert married ? Phillips (Missouri?), two sons: Larry William and Dennis
303 Sherry Ellen Crippen Roberts Thomas (Frances), Jabez (Thankful), Joseph (Tabitha), Hosea (Comfort), James (Polly), Lafayette (Maria), Lorenzo Dow (Esther), Harry William (Goldie), William Harry (Lena), Sherry Crippen Roberts (Robert)
304 Frances Eastman Thomas, Jabez (Thankful Fuller), Frances (Timothy Carrier), Mary Carrier (Israel Foster), Sarah Ann (Sally) Foster (Samuel Bissell); Ma, Ct, Pa
305 Carri Miller Thomas, Jabez, Samuel, Noah, Stephen, Charles Burnam Crippen (Edna Allmond), Elston (Mary Brock), Gary (Marcia Crossman), Carri (Patrick Miller)
306 Betty Buckner John J. Crippen b 1815 married Martha Lucinda Carnes b 1817, resided Roane Co, TN and MO; Nicholas Andrews Crippen, b 1842; Gertrude Crippen, b 1884

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