Pat has generously shared with us images from her recent ancestor hunting trip through New England. She covers most of the spots where the earliest Crippens and Fullers lived along with visual representations of Plymouth and the Mayflower.

Also included are various maps Pat made showing the locations of the family homes.

The information provided is not 100% accurate. It is intended to give you a "good" understanding of the people and circumstances that shaped our Crippen Family.

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Pat's pictures are set up as a Slide Show virtual tour of her travels. When you click the link below you will be taken to her area of our web site. On the left will be thumbnail images of each picture - you can click on the thumbnail to scroll through the pictures or you can sit back and watch them as a SLIDE SHOW. They change for you (a new one every 10-30 seconds). Under each of the large pictures on the right is a description. For some people it might be difficult to read the text within the 10-30 seconds so feel free to click on the matching thumbnail on the left and the page will reload and you can continue to read it.

Also we have an even larger picture available if you would like to see particular pictures even bigger. All you need to do is click on the large image on the right and it will load an even larger one. To get back to the Slide Show just click on any thumbnail image and the Slide Show starts again with that image.

If you would like to save some of the pictures to your own hard drive it would be best to click on the large image and get to the largest one and save that. (Warning: Some of them are very large files).

Instructions for saving the pictures to your hard drive:

Macintosh: click your mouse on the largest image and hold - a popup window will come up and choose SAVE IMAGE TO DISK.

PCs: Right click on the largest image and save to your hard drive.

Click here to view Pat Crippen Smith's New England Slide Show.

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