These are original clippings from the genealogical column that ran in the Boston Evening Transcript in the early 1900s.
The originals are on file at the Sutro Library in San Francisco, California.

CRIPPEN 1915 B. T.:
8. CRIPPEN. Thomas CRIPPEN had wife Frances; he died 1705; lived during early life in Falmouth, Mass. Wanted parents of Frances and list of Thomas's children, also his ancestry.

(9477) 1. CRIPPEN. Wanted, list of wives and children of John CRIPPEN, Jr., born July 23, 1743, in Sharon, Conn. Have been told he had three wives and children by them all. His oldest son's name was Ichabod. Think some of this family resided near Albany, N.Y. He was oldest son of John CRIPPEN Sr., born 1720, and Mary RICHMOND, of Sharon, Conn.
2. CRIPPEN. Wanted, parentage of William CRIPPEN, born May 8, 1773, married in 1796 Contect STANDISH, born Oct. 24, 1776. Lived in Penfield, Monroe Co., N.Y. in 1823. Think he came to Penfield from Pennsylvania, perhaps Warren County. – W. I. C.

7. CRIPPEN. Ancestry wanted of John CRIPPEN of Albany County, N.Y., name of wife and her ancestry; also Revolutionary service of John CRIPPEN.

11. CRIPPEN, ACKLEY. Thomas2 CRIPPEN (Thomas1) married, before 1696, Mary2 ACKLEY (Nicholas1) of East Haddam. Goodwin gives their children as, Thomas, Elizabeth and Hannah. Were these all? Knowledge of any added family will be appreciated. Thomas2 CRIPPEN had a sister Experience and that name persists in the CRIPPEN and allied families of this section, and creates the query as to whether Experience — wife of Benjamin3 ACKLEY (John2, Nicholas1) may be of CRIPPEN origin. If she were the daughter of Thomas2 and Mary (ACKLEY) CRIPPEN above, she would be first cousin of Benjamin3 ACKLEY, and of the same locality and approximately the same age. — M.W.F.

(2662) COLO 2/2/25:
2. CRIPPEN. I want ancestry of Robert and Fanny — CRIPPEN, of Glenville, Schenectady Co., N.Y., in 1806. Their daughter, Elizabeth CRIPPEN, married, in 1826, James Roges BARNEY.

(2806) LAR 3/18/25:
6. CRIPPEN. Perhaps S. S. H. can tell me something about the parentage of Mary CRIPPEN, wife of Moses ROWLEY. I have the husband of Mehitable CHAMPION as David DEMING, instead of DENING; which is right?

(5185) GFC 2/16/27:
13. CRIPPEN. I want the maiden name and ancestry of the wife of John CRIPPEN of Dutchess or Albany County, N.Y. Their son Ichabod CRIPPEN, born Aug. 3, 1765, married, Sept. 18, 1783, Mary WHITING, daughter of John WHITING.
14. WHITING. Dates and ancestry of above John WHITING wanted. G. F. C.
GRIPPEN 1928 B. T.:
11. GRIPPEN, MILLER. Demus GRIPPEN, born Woodstock, N. Y., April 13, 1806, died Winnebago, ILL., 1895, married Lydia MILLER, born Lee, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1803, died Winnebago, Jan. 25, 18 [unreadable]. GRIPPEN and MILLER ancestry desired.

(9162) 10/21/29:
2. CRIPPEN. Carrie Elizabeth PRESTON, daughter of John M. PRESTON (above) and his wife, Sophia Elizabeth KETCHAM, married, first, George Miller CRIPPEN, son of George CRIPPEN and his wife Mary BARTLETT, who had a brother John BARTLETT who lived in Lockport, N. Y. George Miller CRIPPEN had brothers and sisters as follows: Harmon; John; Irad; Elbertine, married Sherman MERRITT; Maria, married George BUCKLEY; Celia, married George RICH. The ancestry of George CRIPPEN, Sr., and his wife Mary BARTLETT is desired.
Also that of one Rev. Ezra CRIPPEN, born in Massachusetts, Feb. 1, 1745, and died March 3, 1813, who was a Baptist minister in the Mohawk Settlements, N. Y., and who married his cousin, Tabitha CRIPPEN, born Dec. 21, 1749. Their children were: 1. Tabitha, born March 16, 1770. 2. Achsa, born June 15, 1772. 3. Ransom, born June 27, 1776. 4. Ashley, born Feb. 1, 1780, married Rebecca WINNIE of Revolutionary ancestry. He was one of the earliest settlers of Penfield, Monroe County, N.Y., and was a soldier in the War of 1812. Issue: Tabitha, married Isaac MERRITT; Sally, married Lucius CARTER; Oliver, married Mary, daughter of John C. LOOMIS, of Penfield, N.Y. 5. Esther, born Feb. 5, 1782. 6. Bradley, born Sept. 25, 1783. 7. Clarrisse, born Sept. 13, 1785. 8. Sally, born Jan. 30, 1787. 9. Newman, born June 3, 1789. — A. F. T. W.

9162. 2. CRIPPEN. A. F. T. W., Oct. 21, 1929. Ezra CRIPPEN, born February 1745, at Sharon, Conn., married about March 1, 1769, his cousin Tabetha, daughter of Joseph and Tabetha (ROWLEY) CRIPPEN.
Ezra CRIPPEN was the son of John CRIPPEN, Sr., who was born March 20, 1720, and married Aug. 10, 1741, at Sharon, Conn., Mary RICHMOND. They removed to Amenia, N.Y.
John CRIPPEN Sr., was son of Jabez CRIPPEN of Colchester and Sharon, Conn., who married at Colchester, July 6, 1707, Thankful4 FULLER (John3, Samuel2, Edward1 FULLER of the Mayflower).
Jabez CRIPPEN was son of Thomas CRIPPEN who came early and settled at Falmouth, Mass., later removed to East Haddam, Conn. His will dated May 10, 1705; inventory taken Jan. 24, 1709. (See Manwaring's Conn. Probate, Vol. 2, page 185.)
The wife of Thomas CRIPPEN was Frances—. Her maiden name is desired. — G. F. C.

(3539.) CRIPPEN. A Thomas CRIPPEN is said to have moved from Falmouth, Mass., to Haddam, Conn. The inventory of his estate was taken Jan. 24, 1709. His children are said to have been: Thomas; Jabez, born 1680-1685 at Falmouth, married Thankful FULLER; Katherine, married — ROWLEY; Mary, married Samuel CORBEE; Mercy; Experience.
Who were the parents of Thomas? He is said to have married Frances—; who were her parents? When were his children born and is the above list complete? Descendants of this family were later at Sharon, Conn., and Amenia, N. Y., and probably in Vermont. — H. S. F. C.

Boston Transcript, Feb. 9, 1937
(6124.) Is anything known of the ancestry of Thomas CRIPPEN of Falmouth, Mass., and later of Haddam, Conn.? His inventory was taken in 1709. – H. S. F. C.

Boston Transcript, Sept. 27, 1937
Indexed under the surname "RICHMOND" was the following:
G.F.C. Jan. 23, 1937
(3436.) 1. RICHMOND, CRIPPEN, WHITING. John CRIPPEN, born March 20, 1720, son of Jabez and Thankful (FULLER) CRIPPEN, married Aug. 10, 1741, at Sharon, Conn., Mary RICHMOND. Ancestry wanted of this Mary RICHMOND.
John CRIPPEN Jr. son of John and Mary (RICHMOND) CRIPPEN was their oldest child, born about 1742-3.
An old record, written over 100 years ago, says that this John CRIPPEN, Jr. had three wives, and had children by them all. Can someone give the names of any of these wives, and names of children? This John gave Revolutionary service, as did his oldest son, Ichabod, born Aug. 3, 1765 (the only child whose name I know).
Ichabod married Sept. 18 1783, at Spencertown, N.Y. Mary WHITING born Aug. 25, 1765, daughter of John WHITING. Data wanted on this John WHITING. Did he give Revolutionary service?
2. CRIPPEN, STANDISH. Wanted, parentage of William CRIPPEN, born May 8, 1773, married in 1796, Content STANDISH, born Oct. 24, 1776. They lived in Penfield, Monroe Co, N.Y. in 1823, but were probably born farther East. Parents of Content Standish also wanted.

This complete all entries under the surname CRIPPEN.


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