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Cayuga County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Cayuga Co., unless otherwise specified

Martville Cemetery, Town of Sterling
Tappan, John M. Born 11/08/1828 Died 10/09/1893, “Father”
Tappan, Emily (Crippen) Born 02/08/1830 Died 11/26/1904, “Mother”
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Town of Mentz
Crippen, Mary A. (Badgley) Wife of E. R. Died 11/09/1881
Sand Beach Cemetery, Town of Fleming
Crippen, Harriet B. Died 07/06/1875, Buried on Peterson lot, No relation specified
Stewart’s Corners Cemetery, Venice
Crippen, Edson D. Died 10/26/1853 Age 2y 15d, Son of Milton & Eunice Crippen

Chautauqa Co., New York ( Linked from USGENWEB)

Quincy Cemetery - Town of Ripley
Crippen, William R. Born 01/22/1847 Died 04/13/1913
Crispen, Elsie Note indicating not certain last name is spelled correct.

Columbia County, NY

Extracted From USGENWEB-Columbia Co., unless otherwise specified

Private Cemetery
Crippen, Anna Died 03/17/1816 Age 33y
Crippen, Elisha K. Died 03/31/1816 Age 14 wks

Delaware County, NY

Extracted From USGENWEB-Delaware Co., unless otherwise specified
Fergusonville Cemetery
Crippen, Joseph Gibson Born 11/26/1847 Died 05/31/1910
Fishs Eddy Cemetery, Town of Hancock
Fish, Ransom W. Born 1824 Died 1890, Co G 2nd Reg.
Fish, Jan (Crippen) Born 1831 Died 1899, Wife of Ransom
Cemetery Removals, Cannonsville Reservoir
Crippen, William H. Born 1836 Died 1883, 1st husb. Of Harriet Drury. Removed from Rock Rift Cemetery, reinterred in Walton Cemetery.
Walton Cemetery Town and Village Cemetery
Crippen, William H. (see Cemetery Removals, Cannonsville Reservoir)

Franklin Co., New York (From Rootsweb Freepages)

Mitchell Cemetery (also known as Smith Cemetery), Town of Burke
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Crippen, Alpheus R. Died 04/14/1899 Age 66y
Crippen, Susan N. Wife of Alpheus Died 03/26/1876 Age 39y
Crippen, Benty - Son of A. & S. Crippen Died 09/07/1864 Age 7m
Crippen Carter B. Died 03/09/1853 Age 35 y
Crippen, Almena (Rasey) Wife of Carter B. Died 12/28.1897 Age 73y 10m
Crippen, David Died 12/22/1874 Age 84y
Crippen, Lydia Wife of David Died 04/02/1864 Age 65y
Crippen, Heman Born 10/22/1787 Died 04/06/1876
Crippen, Olive Wife of Heman Born 01/24/1802 Died 07/22/1874
Crippen, Sebring Died 06/0/1859 Age 37 y
Hillside Cemetery, Town of Canisteo (Linked from USGENWEB)
Crippen, Elliot Born 1833 Died 1885
Hope Cemetery, Town of Corning (Linked from USGENWEB)
Crippen, L. Ross Born 1842 Died 1911
Crippen, Mary Ann Born 1839 Died 1914

Monroe County, NY

Extracted From USGENWEB-Monroe Co., unless otherwise specified
Town of Henrietta Cemetery
Crippen, Olive E. (Sampson) Died 03/21/1909 Wife of ? Buried Penfield Cemetery
Brighton Cemetery, Town of Rochester
Crippen, B. T. Died 01/21/1854 Age 51
Crippen, Eliza (Day), Wife of B.T. Died 08/07/1889 Age 82
Veteran Burials, Town of Clarkson
Crippen, Ephraim C. Born 01/17/1889 Brockport NY Died 09/03/1918 Rochester, NY Age 64, buried in Garland Cemetery.
Veterans Burials, Town of Penfield
Crippen, Ashley Born 02/01/1780 Died 10/22/1850 Age 70. Capt. Isaac W. Stone’s Co., Major-Gen Van Rensselaer’s Regiment, War of 1812, Buried Oakwood Cemetery
Crippen, Charles A. Died 12/13/1894 Age 75 Co. D. 108th Infantry, Civil War, Buried Oakwood Cemetery

Oneida Co., NY (From

Old Taberg Cemetery - Town of Annsville
Crippen, Rachel Died 12/01/1857 Age 79y 9m, Wife of Jesse Crippen

Onondaga County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Onondaga Co., unless otherwise specified
Rose Hill Cemetery
Crippen, Lucinda E. Died 02/14/1854 Age 25, Wife of D. K. (on Shug lot)
Old First Ward Cemetery, Salina, City of Syracuse, NY
Crippen, Clarissa Died 09/15/1847 Age 35y 11m Wife of A.
Crippin, Julia Ann L. Born 10/16/1840 Died 06/04/1913 Wife of A.

Ontario County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Ontario Co., unless otherwise specified
Fairview Cemetery, Village of Naples
Crippen, Silas Died 04/20/1841 Age 63y
Crippen, Rachel Wife of Silas Died 11/18/1852 Age 70 y
Roseridge Cemetery, Town of Naples
Crippen, Elcy Born 1811 Died 12/25/1884
Crippen, Roscoe Born 1851 Died 1934
Crippen, Richard Born 1805 Died 08/28/1881
Springstead, Phebe A. (Crippen) Born 1835 Died 06/14/1909
Whitman, Rachel (Crippen) Wife of Franklin No death date
Crippen, Mary A. Born 1845 Died 03/26/1936
Crippen, Ralph H. Born 1839 Died 12/25/1904 Co. K 126th NY
Roseridge Cemetery, Village of Naples
Crippen, Cornelia (Rhines) Born 1805 Died 1882,Wife of Riley
Avery, Mary Ann (Crippen) Born 1829 Died 11/17/1858, Dau of Riley, Wife of David Y.
Avery, Willie Jay Born 1858 Died 11/16/1863 Son of David
Crippen, William Milo Born 1831 Died 1897, Son of Riley
Crippen, Joanna C. (Wilson) Born 1837 Died 1869 1st wife of William Milo
Crippen, Lucy J. (Havens) Born 1841 No Death Dt. Specified, 2nd wife of William Milo
Crippen, Ella Born 1865 Died 09/28/1869
Crippen, Riley Born 1805 Died 1877

Orleans County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Orleans Co., unless otherwise specified
Eagle Harbor Cemetery, Town of Gaines
Crippen, William Born 1773 Died 08/15/1823
Mt. Albion Cemetery, Town of Albion
Crippen, Alvah Born 08/08/1796 Died 03/18/1845 1st Husb, of Mary (Rem from Barre 10/15/1875)
Crippen, Irad Born 1839 Died 09/14/1843 Son of Alvah & Mary
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Town of Albion
Crippen, Mary S. (Finn) Born 03/30/1873 Died 02/15/1950 Wife of Stephaen L. Dau. Of John & Isabel Finn
Transit Cemetery, Town of Murray
Crippen, Lebbeus Born 1809 Died 05/24/1845
Waterport Cemetery, Hamlet of Waterport, Town of Carelton
Crippen, Anna P. Dau of Lewis & Florence M. Born 1875 Died 1875
Crippen, Elda B. Dau of Lewis & Florence M. Born 05/31/1892, Carelton, NY Died 05/28/1905
Crippen, Ernest F. Son of Lewis & Florence M. Born 1882 Died 1898
Crippen, Florence M. (Chapel) Born 1850 Died 01/11/1922 Carleton, NY Wife of Lewis C.
Crippen, Lewis C. Born 1847 Died 09/01/1931, Yates, NY Husn of Florence M.
Crippen, Stephan L.Born 03/21/1877 Died 06/06/1950, Albion, NY Son of Lewis C and Florence M., Husb of Mary L.
West Ridgeway Cemetery, Town of Ridgeway
Crippen, Sophronia F. Born 01/22/1802 Died 09/06/1877
Beechwood Cemetery, Town of Kendall
Jenkins, Mary A. (Wilson) Born 11/1/1868 Died 12/05/1952, Dau. Of Robert Wilson & Betsey A. Crippen

Oswego County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Oswego Co., unless otherwise specified
Bethel Cemetery, Town of Ira
Kyle, Lucy (Crippen) Wife of William S. Born 27 APR 1834 Died 11 Apr 1861

Otsego County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Otsego Co., unless otherwise specified
Butternut Valley Cemetery, also know as Brick Schoolhouse Cemetery, Town of Burlington
Ferris, Jessi (?) Born 1815 Died 1897
Ferris, Anreline (Crippen), his wife, Born 1820 Died 1884
Elk Creek Cemetery, Town of Maryland
Bresee, Floyd L. Born 1878 Died 1930
Bresee, Grace M. (Crippen) Wife of Floyd L. Born 1876 Died 1899
Crippen, Wellington E. Born 07/22/1818 Died 05/10/1900
Crippen, Chestina (Milks) Wife of Wellington Born 10/08/1821 Died 06/06/1896
Crippen, Herbert Son of Wellington & Chestina Born 1855 Died 1934
Patrick, William Born 1861 Died 1938
Patrick, Cora J. (Crippen) Wife of William Born 1869 Died 1955
Congregational Church Cemetery, Town of Worcester
WorcesterAbandoned Church Cemetery First Presbyterian Church 146-152 Main Street, hamlet of Worcester. Gravestones and most interments removed between 1865 and 1915 to the Maple Grove Cemetery. (Following names either not removed or not recorded in Maple Grove)
Crippen, John Died 11/23/1825 Age 35y 4m 29d
Crippen, Eveline, Dau of W.E. Crippen Died 03/27/1848 Age 6y 4m 27d
Crippen, Harriet E., Dau of James M Crippen Died 02/08/1848 Age 5y 8m 9d
Crippen, Daniel D. Died 12/14/1845 Age 59y 9m 18d
Crippen, Philo Born 07/07/1810 Died 03/30/1865
Crippen, Margaret, Wife of Philo Died 11/21/1855 Age 34y 11m 28d
Crippen, Eunice P. Died 08/07/1868 Age 83Y
Cross (Crippen), Sally (Taylor) 1st m. John Crippen, 2nd Joshua Cross Died 07/19/1872 Age 83y
Laurens Village Cemetery, Town of Laurens
Crippen, Julian Born 1856 Died 1930
Crippen, Flora E Born 1861 Died 1936
Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Worcester
Boyce, John R Born 02/18/1828 Died 01/31/1914
Boyce, Lucy (Crippen) Wife of John Born 01/05/1826 Died 11/15/1908
Caryl, Leonard Born 03/20/1799 Died 06/12/1885
Caryl, Mary (Crippen) Wife of Leonard Born 07/29/1800 Died 06/27/1854
Cooley, James B. Born 1814 Died 1862
Cooley, Sally E. (Crippen) Wife of James B. Born 1820 Died 1907
Crippen, George B. Born 1867 Died 1955
Crippen, Caroline (Winslow) Wife of George B. Born 1871 Died 1937
Crippen, Harrison Born 08/12/1813 Died 11/13/1897
Crippen, Rosanna A. (Woodard) Wife of Harrison Born 08/22/1817 Died 10/08/1884
Crippen, Philip F. Born 11/20/1838 Died 10/10/1912
Crippen, Caroline M. (Bigelow) Wife of Philip Born 04/25/1842 Died 12/08/1924
Crippen, Estella T. Born 05/01/1846 Died 04/18/1849
Crippen, Silas Born 07/29/1758 Died 03/07/1831 Revolutionary Soldier
Crippen, Elizabeth Wife of Silas Born 07/18/1759 Died 11/08/1845
Crippen, Silas Jr. Son Born 10/29/1801 Died 05/20/1830
Crippen, Philip Born 03/01/1788 Died 04/26/1872 1st white male child Born in Worcester
Crippen, Sally (Griswold) Wife of Philip Born 08/09/1790 Died 10/10/1874
Crippen, Philip Jr. Son of Philip & Sally Born 05/15/1817 Died 08/27/1888
Crippen, John A. Born 06/28/1822 Died 09/26/1849
Crippen, Harrison E. Born 1874 Died 1955
Crippen, Estella (Ives) Wife of Harrison E. Born 1876 Died 1958
Crippen, Harrison Born 1868 Died 1880
Crippen, Sophrona Born 1841 Died 1905
Crippen, Eugene Born 1844 Died 1930
Crippen, Wellington E. Born 1866 Died 1922
Crippen, Belle (Tabor) Wife of Wellington E. Born 1863 Died 1919
Crippen, Augusta Born 1866 Died 1933
Crippen, Henrietta, Wife of Ezra Died 11/04/1819(?) Age 22y 6m 23d
Crippen, Infant Dau. Of Ezra & Henrietta
Crippen, Joseph G. Born 04/13/1827 Died 06/30/1887
Crippen, Diana (Smith) Wife of Joseph G. Born 12/25/1833 Died 03/18/1901
Crippen, Fred , Oneonta, Born 04/19/1863 Died 09/12/1939
Crippen, Florence R. (Mackey) wife of Fred Born 06/11/1888 Died 10/26/1964
Crippen, Charles H. Born 1812 Died 1885
Crippen, Sovina B. Born 1821 Died 1862
Crippen, Susan A. Born 1852 Died 1861
Crippen, Claribel, Dau of C.E. & A.J. Crippen Born 05/16/1872 Died 10/02/1880
Crippen, Florence, Dau of C.E. & A.J. Crippen Born 02/20/1879 Died 04/06/1879
Crippen, J. M. Born 06/19/1810 Died 01/11/1901
Crippen, Anna Wife of J.M. Born 04/10/1820 Died 09/15/1888
Crippen, Charles H. Born 1859 Died 1932
Crippen, Ida M. (Hayner) Wife of Charles H. Born 1857 Died 1914
Crippen, Harriet E. Dau of J.M. & Anna Crippen Born 05/29/1842 Died 02/08/1848
Crippen, James H. Son of J.M. & Anna Born 04/09/1845 Died 10/22/1876
Crippen, Charles H. Son of J.H. And C.A Crippen Born 1874 Died 1894
Crippen, Schuyler G. Born Apr 26 1815 Died May 17 1888
Crippen, Mary A. Wife of Schuyler G. Born 12/18/1821 Died 02/22/1879
Crippen, Evaline M. Wife of Schuyler G. 10/27/1815 Died 09/17/1851
Crippen, Douglas G. Son of S.G. & M.A. Crippen Died 09/08/1868 Age 7y 9m 25d
Crippen, Almond B. Born 1870 Died 1955, Buried Apr 9 1955
Crippen, Margaret E. Wife of Almond Born 1875 Died 1909
Crippen(?), Iwa Nona Born Jun 22 1865 Relation not stated
Crippen, Menzo Born 03/06/1843 Died 05/15/1899
Bishop, Mary A. Born 06/17/1844 Died 07/15/1817 Relation to Almond B. not stated
Bellinger, Grace A. Born 1872 Died 1929 Relation to Almond B. not stated
Groff, Lynn Born 10/08/1866 Died 05/22/1931
Groff, Louise (Crippen) Wife of Lynn Born 12/21/1868 Died 05/24/1948
Howe, Elmer Born Jun 7 1841 Died 11/12/1925
Howe, Delcena (Crippen) Wife of Elmer Born 01/17/1841 Died 08/29/1917
Platts, Peter H. Born 01/02/1848 Died 11/05/1926
Platts, Clara (Crippen) Wife of Peter H. Born 04/03/1848 Died 10/18/1929
Russ, John P. Born 10/05/1794 Died 02/02/1864
Russ, Elizabeth (Crippen) Wife of John Born 03/04/1797 Died 09/04/1879
Steffen, John H. Born 11/06/1867 Died 04/05/1954
Steffen, Hattie E. (Crippen) Wife of John Born 03/13/1867 Died 12/23/1922
Van Voorhis, Samuel Born 06/26/1816 Died 09/27/1904
Van Voorhis, Harriet (Crippen) Wife of Samuel Born 03/14/1820 Died 08/16/1907
Ward, John Born 11/14/1851 Died 05/21/1915
Ward, Celia L. (Crippen) Wife of John Born 09/27/1856 Died 03/19/1904
Wayman, Menzo R. Born 1897 Died 1919
Wayman, Matie (Crippen) Born 1872 Died 1955 No relation stated.
Wilder, N. H. Died 01/05/1893 Age 71y
Wilder, Rosanna (Crippen) Wife Died 12/12/1901 Age 78y
Wright, Hanson Born 04/09/1814 Died 02/07/1861
Crippen, Wright, Fanny (Mason) Born 02/07/1818 Died 11/01/1890 (Married to Hanson Wright 07/29/1841; married to Charles H. Crippen 06/03/1864)
Maple View Cemetery, Town of Worcester
Crippen, Dea. David Esq Died 08/14/1870 Age 83y 7m
Crippen, Eunice Wife of David Died 09/23/1863 Age 75y 3m
Crippen, Levi Born 12/02/1824 Died 11/22/1874, A soldier of Christ 32 years, Soldier of his country 1 Year
Crippen, Eunice Wife of Levi Died 08/12/1865 Age 35y 8m 7d
Crippen, Hiram Son of David & Eunice Died 06/16/1829 Age 1y 9m 29d
Rury, Joel Born 01/21/1821 Died 06/28/1847
Rury, Almira (Crippen) Wife of Joel Born 07/20/1822 Died 07/18/1885
Wright, John Born 02/11/1810 Died /04/22/1888
Wright, Mary A. (Crippen) Wife of John Born 03/19/1812 Died 03/06/1899
Rose-Chamberlain Cemetery, Town of Maryland
Crippen, Thaddeus Died 08/22/1818 Age 57y - 2 infants by his side.
Schenevus Cemetery, Town of Maryland
Crippen, Egbert Henry, Son of Paul & Susan G. Born 08/01/1859 Died 03/15/1873 at Longwood, St. Helena Island SC
Crippen, Susan G. Wife of Paul Crippen Died 10/28/1867 Age 29y 1m 27d at Fernandina, Fla.
Town of Worcester Deaths 1800-1900
A compilation of records. Includes some records from Worcester physician, Dr. Bigelow (1818-1842). Has not been cross checked against burial records. Any corrections, see USGENWEB, Otsego Co., Town of Worchester Deaths (included here for research guide)

Crippen, Asa, b. 5 Dec 1783 at New Concord, Columbia Co., NY, death date unknown, may have drowned. His wife was Eunice P. Hartwell.
Crippen, Asa, boy age 13, died 11/30/1824.
Crippen, Betsey, 09/04 1879, wife of Peter RUSS.
Crippen, Charles, b. 03/20/1804 at Tusculum, death-date unknown at Ashtabula, Ohio, husband of Vianna Adams.
Crippen, Daniel, died 12/14/1845 Age 59 y 9m 18d
Crippen, Douglas G., Age 7y 9m 25d Died 09/08/1868
Crippen (Waterman), Elizabeth Mrs., died 11/08/1845 Age 86, wife of Silas Crippen.
Crippen, Eunice, age 83, died 08/07/1868
Crippen, Eveline, died 03/27/1848 Age 6y
Crippen, Eveline M. Mrs., died 09/17/1851 Age 35y 10m 20d, wife of Schuyler G. Crippen.
Crippen, Harriet, died 8 Feb 1848 at age 5 years.
Crippen, John A., died 09/26/1849 Age 27.
Crippen, John, Deacon, aged 35, died 3 or 23 of Nov, 1825. Died at Tusculum, may have been the husband of Sally Taylor.
Crippen, Margaret, died 11/23/1853 Age 34y 11m 28d
Crippen, Mary, 06/27/1854, wife of Leonard Caryl.
Crippen, Phillip, died 04/26/1872 at age 84.
Crippen, Philo, died 05/30/1865 Age 54y 10m 23d
Crippen (Taylor), Sally Mrs., died 07/19/1872 at age 83, wife of Dea. John Crippen
Crippen, Sally Mrs., died 10/10/1874 Age 84, wife of Phillip Crippen.
Crippen, Schuyler, 03/01/1872, died in Cooperstown, wives Sabrina Cook, Anne Pomeroy Cooper.
Crippen, Silas, died 08/23/1798, died at Tusculum hill, born 10/29/1781 at New Concord, Columbia Co., NY. His head was crushed by the wheel of a loaded wagon coming down Tusculum Hill.
Crippen, Silas, Aged 26, died in a saw-mill accident at Tusculum 5/20/1830. Second son of Silas named Silas, he was born 10/29/1801 (this date does not match exactly the age at death given by Dr. Uriah Bigelow). Husband of Catherine Barney.
Crippen, Silas, Judge, age 62 years, 8 months, died 02/07/1831. Father of two sons named Silas both born on a 29th of Oct, and both killed at Tusculum. He was listed as the oldest settler in Worcester at the time of his death. He was born in Amenia, Dutchess County, NY., parents were Lydia Chamberlain and Jabez Crippen.
Crippen, Sovina B. Mrs., died 09/11/1862 Age 40y 10m 28d, wife of Charles H. Crippen.
Crippen, Susan A., died 05/09/1861 Age 8y 6m 15d, dau. of C. H. Crippen.
Pleasant Brook Cemetery, South Valley
Pitt, Earl Born 05/23/1887 Died 07/10-18/1966
Pitt, Lena A.(Crippen) Born 06/25/1897 Died 06/21-22/1964
Plank, James Born 1834 Buried 06/21/1914
Plank, Martha (Crippen) Born 1843 Died 06/2-5/1912

Saratoga County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Saratoga Co., unless otherwise specified
Ballston Spa Cemetery

Crippen, A. Dexter Died 1856/11/03 Age 30y 11m 25d
Crippen, Albert Son of Dexter & Adelia Died 1852/12/14 Age 05y
Crippen, Allan H. Son of Almon & Almira Died 1840/04/08 Age 03y 02m 01d
Crippen, Almira Wife of Almon Died 1880/11/17
Crippen, Almon Died 1873/04/05 Age 77y
Crippen, Henry A. Son of Almon & Almira Died 1836/12/01 Age 18y
Crippen, Henry D. Died 1886/02/03
Crippen, Henry M. Jr. Born 1896/10/28 Died 1952/12/08 ACR USNRF WW I
Crippen, Henry M. Died 1952/12/09
Crippen, Ida M. (Randall) Wife of Henry M. Born 1873 Died 1944/07/31
Crippen, James H. Son of Almon & Almira Died 1838/06/04 Age 03y 07m 27d
Big Bend/Trumball Cemetery, Town of Moreau
Crippen, Samuel Died 04/01/1824 Age 53y 1m 20d
Briggs Cemetery, Town of Ballston
Feeney, James Husb of Fannie Crippen Born 1848 Died 1928
Feeney, Fanny (Crippen) Wife of James Feeney Born 1856 Died 1927
Burnt Hill Calvary Episcopal Church Cemetery
Coons, Frank B. Born 1862 Died 1945
Coons, Martha (Crippen) 1st Wife of Frank B. Died 08/15/1925 Age 61y
East Line Union Free Cemetery, Town of Malta
(Also known as Armstrong Corners Cemetery)
Swan, Frank Born 1878 Died 1946 Age 68
Swan, Lorena (Crippen) Born 1885 Died 12/15/1966 Age 81
Powell-Wiswall Cemetery, Town of Milton
Taylor, Lee Husb of Phebe Crippen Born 03/08/1846 Died 11/01/1879 Age 35y
Taylor, Phebe (Crippen) Wife of Lee Taylor Born 03/25/1849 Died 10/25/1877 Age 28y
Wood, Harry D. Husb of Emma Crippen Born 1849 Died 1915 Age 66y
Wood, Emma (Crippen) Wife of Harry D. Wood Born 1851 Died 1897 Age 46y
Sweetman Cemetery, Town of Charlton
Howell, Daniel L Born 1896 Died 1938 Age 42y
Howell, Irene (Crippen) Born 1899 Died 1987 Age 88y
West Milton Cemetery, Town of Milton
Crippen, Fanny - Dau of Henry & Phebe Crippen Born 1826 Died 07/08/1853 Age 27y
Crippen, Henry - Husb. Of Phebe Crippen Born 1795 Died 02/08/1867 Age 72y
Crippen, Phebe - Wife of Henry Crippen Born 1798 Died 01/12/1853 Age 55y
Crippen, Riley - Husb. Of Sarah A. Betts Born 1817 Died 12/09/1885 Age 68y
Crippen, Sarah A. (Betts) Born 1831 Died 01/14/1902 Age 71y

Schulyer County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Schulyer Co., unless otherwise specified
County Line Cemetery, Town of Reading

Crippen, Harrison Died 02/12/1850 Age 24
Crippen, Daton G. Son of Phillip & Temperance Died 11/07/1839 Age 2
George Son of Phillip & Temperance Died 08/08/1841 Age 6d

Montour Falls Library-The Havana Republican
Extracted from USGENWEB-Schulyer Co.

Crippen, John of Havana Died 12/11/1869 Age 34
Extracted from Funeral Book Info-USGENWEB-Schulyer Co.
Crippen, Nelson J. Died 08/01/18887 at Cameron Mills of typhoid fever
Glenwood Cemetery, Town of Dix
Crippen, Clarence Born 1886 Died 04/08/1954
Crippen, Elmer E. Born 1851 Died 1913 “Father”
Crippen, Ina (Walker) Born 1860 Died 12/13/1936 “Mother”
Crippen, James C. Born 1835 Died 06/19/1918
McCracken, Frederick D. Born 1903 Died 11/27/1981
McCracken, Nellie (Crippen) Wife of Fredrick D. Born 1890 Died 1985
Highland/Mitchell Hollow/Mitchell Cemetery, Town of Montour
Crippen, James N. Born 1906 Died 1994
Leona F. Wife of James N. Born 1908 No death indicated
Laurel Hill Cemetery, Town of Catherine
Crippen, Elmer C. Born 1872 Died 05/04/1937
Crippen, Lydia N. Wife of Elmer C. Born 1876 Died 10/28/1935
Mecklenburg Cemetery, Town of Hector
Crippen, Stephen Born 1820 Died 1866
Crippen, Lucinda Wife of Stephen Born 1819 Died 1874
Crippen, George Born 1848 Died 1918
Crippen, Sarah J. Wife of George Born 1853 Died 1894
Crippen, Luther Born 1889 Died 1890
Crippen, Stella Born 1875 Died 1875
Becker, Susie J. (Crippen) Wife of DeWitt W. Becker Born 1861 Died 1938
Reynoldsville Cemetery, Town of Hector
Crippen, J. H. Co. E. 61st NY Inf. No dates or relation specified
Seneca Union Cemetery - Valois Cemetery, Town of Hector
Crippen, Levi M. Died 11/06/1916
Crippen, Sarah Died 11/27/1943
Crippen, Wm. Sanfo__ D. 02/28/1936

Stueban Co., New York

Bath Veterans - National Cemetery, Town of Bath
Crippen, Spencer T. Born 1841 Died 1914
Nondaga Cemetery - Town of Bath
Crippen, Bertha L. Born 1895 Died 1980
Crippen, George M. St. Born 1896 Died 1984
Ferris, Harriet Born 1870 Died 04/28/1898 Age 27y 6m 18d, Dau of James M. & Sofa (___) Crippen
West High Street Cemetery - Town of Painted Post, Township of Erwin
Crippen, Mary Born 1846 Died 06/16/1849 Age 2y 11m 1d Dau of William & Sarah
Crippen, Sarah Born 06/04/1809 Died 04/25/1893
Crippen, William Age 62y (birth & death dates illegible)
Crippen, Sophia (Sophronia) Born 1850 Died 1905

Rensselaer Co., NY

Extracted from USGENWEB-Rennsselaer Co., unless otherwise specified
Interments in Rensselaer Co. Cemetaries
Presbyterian Cemetery, Town of Stephentown

Crippen, Benjamin Died 04/20/1825 Age 1y 4m 8d Son of George & Percy
Crippen, De Se Vigna Born 1806 Died 1886 No relation specified.
Crippen, Edward S. Died 09/28/1829 Age 17y No relation specified
Crippen, H. B. No Dates specified. Wife Thankfull Crippen
Crippen, Lonson Died 09/25/1859 Age 34y
Crippen, Maria S. Born 1837 Died 1905
Crippen, Sarah A. Born 1821 Died 1911
Crippen, Thankfull Born 1804 Died 1886 Wife of H. B. Crippen
Sand Lake Union Cemetery, Town of Sand Lake
Crippen, John W. , Rev. Born 1873 Died 1952 Wife Lillian Robins Pastor of Sand Lake Baptist Church 1914-1917.

Tioga Co. NY

North Barton Cemetery, Town of Barton NY
Williams, Lucinda Born Cauyga Co. NY Died 09/17/1898 Lockwood, NY Age 92y 22d, Dau of Alanson & Ruth (Knickerbacker) Crippin

Tompkins County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB, Tompkins Co., unless otherwise specified
Grove Cemetery, Town of Ulysses
Crippen, Charles S. Died 04/20/1974 Age 89y
Crippen, Fred M. Died 12/12/1944 Age 62y
Crippen, Ina Died 12/11/1977 Age 92y
Crippen, Sadie Died 12/14/1933 Age 51y

Wayne County, NY

Macedon Center Cemetery Part 1, Town of Macedon
Bradley, Beulah (Crippen), wife of George A. Bradley, Macedon, NY, b. 1879 - d. May 3, 1971
Bradley, George A., Macedon Center, NY, d. April 7, 1952

Wayne County, NY

Extracted from USGENWEB, unless otherwise specified
Old Wolcott Cemetery, Village of Wolcott
Crippen, Aaron H. Son of Cyrus & Delia Died 08/1846 Age 3-8 mos.
Crippen, Amon? C. Son of Cyrus & Delia, Died 1839 Age 2 days
Crippen, Sarah M. Dau of Cyrus & Delia, Died 1843 Age 2y


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