John Crippen of New York, Pennsylvania and Kansas
Civil War Military Pensioner

The following material found in the pension applications for John Crippen and his wife Harriet Crippen (her widow's pension) appears to be for John6 Crippen, son of David5 Crippen and Elizabeth (Worden) Crippen [Roswell4, John3, Jabez2, Thomas1].

CRIPPEN, John — Widow: Harriet Crippen; Service: Co. A N.Y. Infantry. Invalid Application #388.432, Certificate #400.038, filed 25 Jun 1880. Widow's Application #416.834, Certificate #275.974, filed 10 Mar 1890 from Kansas.

John Crippen's original invalid pension was filed 14 Jun 1880, from his residence in Russell, Russell Co, Kansas. On this date John listed his age as 52 years. In this declaration we learn that John enlisted on 20 Dec 1861, at Rockland, Sullivan Co, NY, as a private in Company A of the 101st New York Infantry, commanded by Captain W. C. Allen. He was honorably discharged at Fort Monroe, Virginia, on 24 Oct 1862 (by reason of medical disability for "chronic diarrhea and piles, and with shortness of breath from an old injury of the chest from the kick of a horse").

Personal information regarding John noted at time of his enlistment were: age, 34; born, Tioga County, Pennsylvania; height, 5 feet 10 inches; complexion, dark; hair, brown; eyes, grey; occupation, farmer.

John's residences since his discharge were listed as: Purvis P. O., Rockland Twp, Sullivan Co, NY (in 1874 moved to Westfield Flats in same locality); Taswell Co, VA (in a later listing of residences this Virginia location is omitted?); and in 1878 to Russell, Russell Co, KS.; then finally to Buffalo Park, Gove Co, KS. His occupation was always listed as "farmer."

John's medical history is also a part of this file. In addition to the maladies that caused his discharge from service, which he suffered from the remainder of his life, he also became profoundly deaf in his later years. Immediately after his discharge, he was under the care of Amos Mansfield, M.D. at Roseville, Tioga Co, PA. But a month later he moved back to Rockland Twp., Sullivan Co, NY.

John died 20 Jun 1889 at Buffalo Park, Gove Co, Kansas. Soon thereafter, his wife, Harriet (Rose) Crippen, filed for her widow's pension. Her pension continued until 9 Mar 1903, when it was dropped due to her remarriage (no information on her second marriage was given).

We are always fortunate when these pension files include an application for widows, parents and minor children, because these are the ones where family members have to prove certain life events. In this case, unfortunately, there are no children given. Since John was born in 1827/28, I would imagine that if they had any children, they were over age 16.

In Harriet's application she stated: "No children living at date of soldier's death who were under 16 yrs of age…And that neither she or her said husband had been previously married." Harriet later retracted the later part of this statement in an affidavit dated 24 Sep 1890, she said: "That in my declaration for pension, I stated that neither myself or husband had been previously married; I now wish to make a further statement and say that my husband, John Crippen,…was previously married to Prudence Rose, on or about January 1, 1853, and said wife died January 10, 1854 in the town of Rockland, Sullivan Co, New York."

John and Harriet Rose were married 18 May 1856 in Sullivan Co, NY. To prove her marriage, Harriet submitted a letter written by R. S. Apply that stated: "I Rensselaer S. Apply of the town of Rockland, Sullivan Co, NY …was a Justice of the Peace…and on the 18th day of May [1856] I married John Crippen and Harriet Rose…"

Other affidavits filed with John and Harriet's pensions were from:
Asa A. Bennett, M.D., of Roscoe, Sullivan Co, NY (family physician), who stated "…[John Crippen] moved away from my care to West Virginia and I have not seen him since. I think he moved away in 1877 or 78.…"

John and Mary A. Heckman — neighbors in Buffalo Park, KS.
P. Z. Heinz — physician in Buffalo Park, KS.

James Vernovy (sp?) and John H. Cotter — both residents of Rockland, Sullivan Co, NY.
Samuel Shafer and Elbridge Shafer — neighbors in Buffalo Park, KS.


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