Some of the information in this list was taken from the records of Worcester Physician, Dr. Uriah Bigelow that include entries from 1818 - 1842. This list is not comprehensive and has not been cross checked with burial records, obituaries, etc. It is an ongoing process and is meant to be used as a research tool and a supplement to other records. Some of the females, but not all, have been listed under both their maiden names and married names. Most of these records predate 1900.

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CRIPPEN, Asa, b. 5 Dec 1783 at New Concord, Columbia Co., NY, death date unknown, may have drowned. His wife was Eunice P.
HARTWELL. He could be the same Asa that died 11/30, 1824, but the dates do not match.
CRIPPEN, Asa, boy age 13, died 30 Nov, 1824.
CRIPPEN, Betsey, 4 Sep 1879, wife of Peter RUSS.
CRIPPEN, Charles, b. 20 Mar, 1804 at Tusculum, death-date unknown at Ashtabula, Ohio, husband of Vianna ADAMS.
CRIPPEN, Daniel, died 14 Dec 1845 at age 59 years, 9 months, 18 days (doctor’s record),
Crippen, Daniel d. 14 Dec 1843 at age 59y, 9m, 18d. INSC
CRIPPEN, Douglas G., Aged 7 years, 9 months, and 25 days. Died 8 Sep, 1868.
CRIPPEN (née WATERMAN), Elizabeth Mrs., died 8 Nov 1845 at age 86, wife of Silas CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Eunice P., age 83, died 7 Aug, 1868. INSC
CRIPPEN, Eveline, died 27 Mar 1848 at age 6 years (doctor’s record)
Crippen, Eveline, dau. of W.E. and C. Crippen d. 27 Mar 1848 at age 6y, 4m, and 27d. INSC
CRIPPEN, Eveline M. Mrs., died 17 Sep 1851 at age 35 years, 10 months, 20 days, wife of Schuyler G. CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Harriet, died 8 Feb 1848 at age 5 years (doctor’s record)
Crippen, Harriet E., dau. of James M. and Anna Crippen, d. 8 Feb 1848, age 5y, 8m, 9d. INSC
CRIPPEN, Harriet (Mrs. Lamour), wife of German, dau. of Daniel and Louise Crippen, d. At age 23y, 10d. INSC
CRIPPEN, John A., died 26 Sep 1849 at age 27.
CRIPPEN, John, Deacon, aged 35, died 3 or 23 of Nov, 1825. Died at Tusculum, may have been the husband of Sally TAYLOR (doctor’s record), Crippen, John Deacon, d. 23 Mar 1825 at age 33y, 1m, 29d. INSC
CRIPPEN, Margaret, died 23 Nov, 1853 at age 34 years, 11 months, 28 days.
CRIPPEN, Margaret Mrs., wife of Philo Crippen, d. 21 Nov 1855 at age 34y, 11m, 28d. INSC
CRIPPEN, Mary, 27 Jun 1854, wife of Leonard CARYL.
CRIPPEN, Phillip, died 26 Apr, 1872 at age 84.
CRIPPEN, Philo, died 30 May 1865 at age 54 years, 10 months, 23 days. He was born 7 Jul, 1810. INSC
CRIPPEN (née TAYOR), Sally Mrs., died 19 Jul 1872 at age 83, wife of Dea. John CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Sally Mrs., died 10 Oct, 1874 at age 84, wife of Phillip CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Schuyler, 1 Mar 1872, died in Cooperstown, wives Sabrina COOK, Anne Pomeroy COOPER.
CRIPPEN, Silas, d. 23 Aug 1798, died at Tusculum hill, was b. 29 Oct 1781 at New Concord, Columbia Co., NY. His head was crushed by the wheel of a loaded wagon coming down Tusculum Hill.
CRIPPEN, Silas, Aged 26, died in a saw-mill accident at Tusculum 5/20, 1830. Second son of Silas named Silas, he was born 29 Oct, 1801 (this date does not match exactly the age at death given by Dr. Uriah Bigelow). Husband of Catherine BARNEY.
CRIPPEN, Silas, Judge, aged 62 years, 8 months, died 7 Feb 1831. Father of two sons named Silas both born on a 29th of Oct, and both
killed at Tusculum. He was listed as the oldest settler in Worcester at the time of his death. He was born in Amenia, Dutchess County,
NY., parents were Lydia CHAMBERLAIN and Jabez CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Sovina B. Mrs., died 11 Sep 1862 at age 40 years, 10 months, 28 days, wife of Charles H. CRIPPEN.
CRIPPEN, Susan A., died 9 May 1861 at age 8 years, 6 months, 15 days, dau. of C. H. CRIPPEN.

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