Some Virginia Crippen Records

The following records were in the manuscript section of Samuel W. Comstock's research records, and were included on the microfilm copy of the Kathryn Crippen Warner collection microfilmed by the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon). I have transcribed them here exactly as they were written in the manuscript.

Virginia — Accomack County
Accomack, Va. August 1946 by Mrs. Susie W. Johnson — Surrogate Court
Thomas Crippen signed as a settler in Accomack Co. Va. in Feb. 1681. He was listed as paying taxes on a household of 5 grown people in 1685 and thereafter.
There was much trading between here and our own coastal ports, the West Indies and England. Often members of the same family settled in different colonies —
I do not know, they never listed where they came from. They seemed eager to forget the past. They wouldn't have come to the colonies if things had been very rosy at home

Thomas Crippen (the Elder) who came 1681
His will year 1734

To Son Paul 350A where I now live
To Son William
To grandsons John and Thomas Crippen sons of Thomas & Elizabeth 200A on Seaboard side
To grandson Robert son of Thomas & Elizabeth Crippen
To grandson Bennett son of Thomas & Bennett
To Margaret Crippen (not mentioned as to who she is)
Wife not mentioned

[It is uncertain if these early Virginia Crippen families have any ties to the Thomas and Frances (Bray) Crippen family.]


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