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The idea behind our Crippen Ancestry Email Sharing list is that you will be able to send one e-mail and all of the members will be able to read it. If you have questions about your family line or questions about your research - you'll have all of the members available to help. It's a great way to share information on a large-scale basis. I sincerely hope that this will help all of us coordinate our research efforts.

After looking around the 'net at various options for this type of service I chose Egroups (though it is now Yahoo groups) because of the many opportunities they offer (the email list, realtime online chat, calendars and file sharing) but MOST IMPORTANTLY for their strict policy on privacy and spam protection! I think you'll find it a wonderful service and will probably want to set up your own Egroups sharing group for other surnames you are interested in.

  • For the exchange of Crippen related genealogical data
  • Research ideas and assistance on any lines you are researching
  • News and Information concerning our Crippen Family
  • Announcements regarding your family events (web pages, reunions, etc)
  • Anyone with an interest in the Crippen families (either US or abroad).
  • We can all keep an eye out for queries on other genealogical boards, chat rooms, etc. and let them know about our Crippen Ancestry Sharing list.
  • If you have some other ideas - pass them on - this is your list - let's all help make it work!

If you have any problems - just send me an e-mail to Donna

Our Crippen Ancestry Sharing list is new to the 'net and so are many of the people on it. I have set the Sharing List up with a certain structure that members will need to understand. If you receive a message from the list and you would like to respond to the message the "default" reply is set to REPLY to the list address (in other words your reply will go out to all members on the list). If you would prefer to respond "personally" to the person sending the message, you will need to manually change the TO: address in your e-mail program to the person's e-mail address you wish to send it to. Please make sure your response will be of interest to others on the list before sending it. I hope everyone will share even the smallest tidbit of family history, but if your response is a simple "hey thanks" I'd suggest sending that to the person's own e-mail.

Also there is a digest version available. And you can set that preference on the main sign up page.



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