Widow Elizabeth (?) Elder and sons John & James
Randolph Co, NC

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A widow, Elizabeth Elder, moved to Randolph Co., NC with two sons, John and James. She bought property near the town Trinity in 1787. John was found in tax records in 1779, and both of them were listed in the 1790 census.

John (1756-1834) m: Margaret (Peggy) Hill

  • Thomas Asbury Elder (1784-1856) m: Rachel Boiler. Moved to OH & then to Marion Co., IL
  • James (1782-1849) m: Peninah Coltrane. Children: Martha, Margaret, Elizabeth, William Coltrane, Peniniah, and Rachel
  • William (1784-1869) m: Martha (Patsy) Moore. Moved to Overton Co, TN
  • Richard (1786-1879) m: Martha Coltrane. Moved to MS & then to Red River Co, TX
  • Jane (1788-1863) m: William White
  • Elizabeth (b: 1789) m: William Coltrane and William Smith. Moved to Lumpkin Co., GA
  • Polly (1793-1855) m: Dempsey Moore, Jr. Moved to McNairy Co., TN
  • Rosanna (Kasey) (1795-1867) m: Isaac White
  • John, Jr. (1799-1887) m: Nancy Elizabeth (Betsy) Leach; children Lea(Lee), Hillary, Mary (Polly), James, William, Margaret (Peggy), Jabez, Martion, Kelly, Nancy Jane, John Wesley, and Emily
  • Margaret (Peggy), (b:1801)
  • Benjamin (1802-Bet. 1840-1850) m: Margaret (Peggy) Jester. She moved to Henry Co., MO after death of Benjamin

James (1766-1843) m: Hannah Clark

  1. Elizabeth (1800-1889) m: Narhanel Newlin. Moved to Crawford Co., IL
  2. Eleanor (Nellie) (1802-1834): Absolom Leach
  3. Nancy (1804-1881) m: Lewis Morgan Leach
  4. Clark (1806-1844) m: Suasnnah Millikan. children Elizabeth Ann, Hannah Delana
  5. John, Esq (1808-1873) m: Palina Eliott. Children Jemes Madison, Hannah Tecorahann (Cora), Elias Clark, William Nease, Julian, Nancy G., and John Haley

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